How To Make a Set of Modern Chairs with Solid Walnut & Zebrawood

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  1. Nice , simple , great job , perfect explanation , you are great Jon …


  2. This is a great project. I can’t wait to try it. Keep doing more of
    these. Regards, Bag2

  3. Jon, this is awesome! Is this your design?

  4. Amazing chairs, grate job!
    Is there a special reason you are not using your riving knives on both

  5. Yes real nice !!! i’m french end i understant litle anglish … can to
    convert step for me please ? end angle !!! thank

  6. In this context, “modern” is nothing more than a euphemism for
    “uncomfortable as fuck”

  7. Truly awesome a carpenter by trade but im going to chance my arm
    at some of this joinery work..lookin at your vids is making me wanna do
    it..inspiring stuff..keep it up

  8. Why didn’t you just cut a slot in the back rather than cutting into three
    sections and then rejoining seems like a lot of extra work.

  9. Great work and video. Thank you Jon!

  10. Very cool, I love the design. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Really Amazing !! i’ll try this weekend.. Thanks for sharing !

  12. love the tools brother… i just wish we have one here in the
    ‘Philippines”. it would help me a lot… lol -_-

  13. Interesting. I have to admit I have a love for the Greene & Greene style.

    Thanks for the video.

  14. I really like that design, has a nice modern look to it

  15. Hi Jon, Great Job on the chairs…JP 

  16. Why did you cut the back in half for the filler strip? Wouldn’t it be
    easier to cut the bottom out on the table saw, then chisel out the piece at
    the right angle? That lamination down the middle is ugly and could’ve been
    avoided with a simple step that would save time as well.

  17. Your videos are awesome, Jon! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Great video making one now in shop class out of walnut and sapele really
    cool chairs thanks for the video can’t wait till its finished

  19. Hey Mr Peters. Just wanted to say that I enjoy watching your videos. I have
    learnt so many useful tips and tricks and I continue to do so every time I
    watch a new post. Thank you. 

  20. realmente muito lindo a sua criação..muito bakana..
    nice.. forever

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