Old School Tools: “Woodworking Planes”


  1. Cool man. I like those old, vintage hand tools. He sure did take very
    good care of those, they looked great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cool! I love old tools! Those were well taken care of! Thanks for

  3. They are great quality! I have a couple my self and they are invaluble to
    me. When ever i can i buy old tools as they have superior steel in them
    compared to their modern equivalents.
    I am looking forward to seeing an update on them.
    All the best my friend and keep the tradition going.

  4. Ah I think wrangler inspires all of us at time! I will say what surprised
    me about planes is how they are everywhere and not that expensive! btw hate
    to advertise, and I don’t know how much you like bows, but you might want
    to check out my review on the Darton and tell me what you think!

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