Throttle Linkage Configuration On A Lawnmower With A Tecumseh Engine


  1. Add a message to your video

  2. This is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

  3. I once got those two linkages mixed up, where it connects to the governor,
    on an older Toro mower with a Tecumseh. The mower wouldn’t idle properly,
    it raced all of the time. After that time, I always take a couple of
    pictures with my phone beforehand, so I can reference back to them if need

  4. hmm no crappy plastic posts with springs just managing to hang on :)

  5. Thanks – I have an older Craftsman/Tecumseh lawnmower with the same

  6. Do you know of any good rebuild kits for 6hp Tecumseh lawnmower engines? 

  7. Another good video Danyboy73, Thanks. For some it may be a good idea to
    take a digital picture of the linkage before disassembling. The pic is a
    good reference for re-assembly.

  8. I must take a look at the Governor on my snow blower this summer because it
    is very bad in regulating. If there is a similar video and tips for that I
    would be glad. (Mostly I am uncertain if there is something wrong inside
    the crank case and how that is supposed to work.)

  9. Thankds Dony. Any idea why a 16.5hp Kohler wont idle down after its warmed

  10. do you have a video on how to adjust the governor on a Honda gx160 engine?

  11. Can you do a video showing how the decompressor on the camshaft works +

  12. Would you do video on mower blade grinding, and you thoughts/ experiences
    with the right edge. I have always grinded to a razor sharp edge. I am
    hearing that for a continued quality of cut I should be leaving a 1/16 to
    1/8 of an inch blunt edge. As the razor edge doesn’t last near as long.
    Wanted your insight.


  13. full throttle ahead room room

  14. why so many holes if only one is used and why is the rod bent, good show

  15. thank you for video…

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