Workbench mobile base


  1. Check out my mobile base!

  2. I was only thinking of the locking wheels way of stabilizing the table.
    This indeed woke me back up! Good show!!

  3. Vehicles? In the shop? GASP! What is the world coming to? (shakes head
    in disbelief) A sad, sad day… lol Nice solution to your problem.
    Thanks for the video!

  4. Great job….this is one of the better designs I have seen. Now I must sub!

  5. no plans? Fine. Even though, a guy like me would pay, say $10, for them
    via paypal if they were available. A sucker is born every minute – you
    just gotta cast the net.

    Short of that: what are the dimensions of the “home plate” sheet of plywood
    you use to hold the casters closest to the legs? What size casters are
    you using? The second caster plate (a square) is how big?

  6. Awesome mobile base! Amazing job on the mechanics!

    been looking for a solution like this for a while! will have to try this

  7. Very clever Great for the garage shop guys like you. Your idea would work
    on other shop tools I’ll bet. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Whoever said they didn’t know right from the start what you were doing
    shouldn’t be in the shop around power tools. The name on the video was my
    first clue. Anyways, great build and it gives all of us interested some
    ideas how to do our own. Thanks….. Oh, forgot, only thing I didn’t
    like about your video, the snow….. 

  9. It looks nice but a lot of work. I seem to remember one that just had 2
    wheels bolted to a board that was hinged to the side of the workbench at
    the bottom. It unlatched from the side and the wheels ended up underneath
    the bench. You now had wheels at one end to use to push the whole bench. It
    may have been from Norm Abrams. Anyone heard of that one?

  10. That is completely rocking. I have been playing with many different ideas.
    This is really such a simple concept. 

  11. Nice, functional base. Well done!

  12. Oh no. not snow! Great build. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Great video…!!! you really like Ridgid…!!!

  14. That was really great! Well done

  15. nice and clever build!!!

  16. I just use a pallet jack LOL.. although i have woodworking and metalworking
    tools in my shops. but seriously if you build all of the benches to be
    moved with a pallet jack might be an easier solution for some people.

  17. Very clever engineering gone into this project, it’s a really cool design
    and wow your workshop is fantastic! I’m in awe of anyone with space like
    that. Love your work mate, keep them coming!

  18. Minimal narration, straight into the job, crisp pace and the end ties it
    all together. Nice video style brother and welcome relief from the tedious
    blah blah blah mob.

  19. As always, Great design and great work. 

  20. Loving the video’s and your work : ) Only one comment, pull the hoodie
    cords out or tuck them in… The risk is small in your shop but… better that
    than a face plant into the table saw ! Thanks for sharing !

  21. Excellent.
    My shop is going to be under am elevated house.
    But I think I found a way to turn a plus out of that I’m putting
    miter/mortise stations on a column or two making the side supports like
    fold away ironing boards and handing my folks up saw horses of of them.
    Gonna do the junky Rockwell blade runner in a similar way

  22. I wonder WHO uses nails these days?

  23. I’m I the only woman that watched this? Lol Nice work though. 

  24. Nice bit of engineering resulting in an extremely useful application…I
    like it. I have a large and very heavy workbench 4 x 8 in the center of my
    shop and I must move it once in a while. Your video has given me some ideas
    on how to do this.

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